Change is the only constant. Bend your business with your growing requirements with!

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Business structure plays the vital role for growth and sustainability of any business. The goals and requirements while business formation might be different from that of now. With changing requirements, you have to bend your existing business into mold of the right corporate structure. Select the right conversion category in benefit of your business.

Update Corporate Information

A business is regulated through constitutional documents. These constitutional documents draw a boundary for the business’ scope and its operations. And to change or update any of the business information with your latest requirement, you must update your constitutional documents and the concerned authority. Choose for what you are looking for.

Close a Business

Although it is a call to wind up your business operations, you have to comply with all the regulatory requirements. All the aspects related to business and its operations have to be taken care of while the process of closing. If you are looking forward to closing your business, get in touch with an expert professional and choose the easiest way to close your business.

Select Conversion Type

Proprietorship to Partnership

A proprietor alone can rule the business but he may require to grow into a partnership for the business growth. If you want to continue your proprietorship business in the partnership firm, you are at right place.

Proprietorship to LLP

If you are looking get into the partnership from your proprietorship business, this option is quite considerable for you. With LLP, you can now get the benefit of a body corporate and still enjoy the flexibility to operate.

Proprietorship to Private Limited Company

One Person Company is a type of Private Limited Company but with a different structure. It is a company which is owned by a single person but unlike a proprietorship firm, it is a corporate structure.

Proprietorship to OPC

Looking for a corporate entity and don’t get the right partner? One Person Company is the right structure to convert your proprietorship business into a corporate entity with Limited Liability.

Partnership to LLP

An LLP is a partnership in a corporate structure. Convert your partnership to a more credible organization structure assuring limited liability and flexibility in operations.

Partnership to Private Company

Partnership firm is a non-corporate entity and also has an unlimited liability of the partners. Covert your partnership into highly credible and popular organization structure of Private Company.

LLP to Private Limited Company

Like any business structure, an LLP to has few disadvantages that become a hurdle to growth and expansion. Overcome these hurdles by converting it into Private Company and ensure transparency.

OPC to Private Limited Company

An OPC has to convert itself mandatorily into a Private company after crossing the turnover and capital threshold. Convert your OPC into a Private Company with the assistance of experts at

Private company to LLP

A Limited Liability Partnership is more flexible and has lower compliance requirements. Convert your Private company to LLP without losing the benefits of limited liability and corporate structure.

Private company to Public company

Conversion to a larger structure may be the need of time. By converting your private company to a public limited company, you attract more funding options with a public issue of securities.

Update Corporate Information

Add or Remove a Director (Company)

Change in director helps the company with having the finest combination of directors on board. And that is followed with MCA filings. Don’t worry, we make sure that your company has complied with all matters.

Add or Remove a Partner (LLP)

For addition or removal of partners from LLP, a specific set of rules are followed. But, there is no need to worry about, we are here to make your task easier. Get the help of experts from to simplify the compliance.

Change Business Activity

A company cannot work beyond its object prescribed in MoA. Make sure you update the company’s MoA with RoC approval before indulging into new activities. Update your business activities with the help of LW experts.

Change Registered Office

A registered office is the primary communication place for the company. To change the registered office, the company has to take approval from the MCA first. The process to change office depends on the type of change.

Change Company Name

Company’s name can be changed due to various reasons including its rebranding. But before using a new name, reservation of name and alteration of MoA must be done. Get in touch with LW experts to change your company name.

Increase Authorised Capital

A company can raise capital only to the extent of authorized capital provided in the MoA. To increase the capital raising capacity of the company, take the first step to increase the authorized capital of the company.

Change LLP Agreement

LLP Agreement can be changed for various reasons including the change in object, place and more. Update the LLP Agreement with MCA after execution of the supplementary deed. Filing the supplementary deed is mandatory for its implementation.

Change Partnership Deed

Change of partnership deed takes place for change in business place, capital contribution, profit sharing ratio, addition – removal of a partner or for any other change as required by partners. Update your terms into partnership deed easily.

Close a Business

Close a Private Limited Company

A private limited company is a body corporate that is born with a process of law. Similar to its registration and operations, closing a private company also requires a certain process to be followed.

Close a Limited Liability Partnership

A process of closing LLP depends on the status of LLP. The LLPs that has discontinued their operations can easily strike-off their name with the approval of RoC. To proceed with closing an LLP, get started now!

Close a One Person Company

It is a corporate entity and has its own existence, unlike the proprietorship firms. To close an OPC, certain filings and approvals are required and we make it easy for you with a team of experts.

Dissolution of Partnership Firm

The partnership comes to an end with the mutual consent or by the exit of any partner, depending on the situation. experts are here to assist you in winding up your business.